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N/A You Are Here The City Belowground

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The Words of Seiichi Kugi, an executive of the Western District:

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Seiichi welcomes a nameless newcomer to the Artificial Island's Western District, expressing his pleasure at seeing a new arrival. He says that most of the rumors that the newcomer has probably heard about the Island are baseless, including the one that the island is incredibly dangerous. From his perspective, it is troubling that outsiders often compare the island to the Kowloon Walled City, which he believes to be much more dangerous than the island. He wonders how many of the reporters spreading such rumors have actually set foot on the Kowloon Walled City or the island.

Seiichi suggests that the newcomer carry himself in a low-key manner if he plans on settling on the island. Off-page, the newcomer indicates that "this" is not what he bargained for when he came in search of freedom; Seiichi chuckles and replies that the Western District has only one rule: "Do not defy us." Calling the rule "liberating," he wishes that the newcomer has a comfortable life.

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