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The Words of Sōji Kuzuhara, Captain of the Volunteer Police Force

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Sōji sits at a table at the Iizuka family's restaurant and greets a newcomer to the island. He orders an omelet-soba combo and oolong tea from Yua Kirino and advises the newcomer to order something as well, since the restaurant has the best food and prices on the island.

The newcomer asks if people buy and sell things on the island, and Sōji replies that they obviously do before ordering the newcomer to shush and eat. Sōji proceeds to scarf down his own meal, for which he thanks Yua and asks her to spare some coins since he is out of change. He warns the newcomer that if one wants to live on the island then they have to work, and that while he will not personally welcome the newcomer he will not stop the newcomer from living here.

Finally, Sōji says that the newcomer ought not think of the island as a land of freedom, since freedom does not come easy anywhere.

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