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The Words of Hayato Inui, Hoodlum

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Hayato welcomes the newcomer to the worst place on the island, commenting that the newcomer was awful in the fight he recently found himself in. He remarks that the newcomer is a true local after the fight and compliments them for having become a piece of trash.

Hayato supposes that the newcomer may just be visiting the island on a sightseeing tour or to pick up some weapons, but in his opinion the newcomer should have gone to Tokyo or Osaka instead. According to Hayato, the especially 'dangerous toys' are hiding in places on the island where people cannot spread rmors about them.

He then declares that even a "hellhole" like the island can be called home once one becomes used to it, but warns that wherever there are people, there is crime and violence.

Hayato winds up his lecture and once more welcomes the newcomer to what he calls the "island of dreams," though he adds that it is up to the newcomer whether or not the dream becomes The NeverEnding Story or A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Hayato concludes that if the newcomer wants to enjoy the island, they will need: one percent effort; five percent wit; twenty percent experience; and ninety-nine percent luck. He acknowledges that all that is more than one hundred percent, but says that this means the island's residents are living in overdrive out of necessity.

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