Our boss is a real rogue. Don't you think, señorita – no – mi amor? Don't you worry, though. My orders come from a fickle rogue, but I will do everything in my power to keep you safe. FYI, my specialities are cooking and laundry. Call me multitalented.

–Carlos, flirting with Misaki Yasojima, Mew Mew! - Crazy Cat's Night

Carlos ( カルロス, Karurosu) is a Spanish man who works as a gunman and sniper for the Guard Team in the Eastern District.

Appearance Edit

Carlos has black hair and tanned to brown skin. He wears the same model of blue shades as Kelly Yatsufusa's shades.

Personality Edit

He is a laid-back and flirtatious man, and prone to arguing with Zhang. He has no compunctions about voicing his opinions on those he deems sick or awful.

Chronology Edit

(To be added)

Abilities Edit

Carlos is an exceptionally talented gunman and sniper, able to shoot the tip of a man's shoe as he is running away from him as if it were nothing. He is very quick when it comes to unloading and reloading.

He has numerous guns on his person at any given time. Many of them are hidden.

Trivia Edit

  • Carlos almost made the Olympics for gunmanship.
  • He says that he would not mind killing a child, but he would have "one hell of a guilt trip" if he were to kill an innocent one.
  • He claims that his 'specialties' are cooking and laundry. However, these claims are made when he is flirting with Misaki Yasojima, so it is uncertain if his claims are actually true.
  • It is highly likely that he is the son of Angelo, a character from the Naritaverse series Baccano!.
    • Angelo is a Spaniard with blue shades who is incredibly skilled with a gun. Angelo states in one novel that he has a son called Carlos who is "turning three this year" in 2002.