The Chinese Mafia runs the Western District. It is primarily managed by the Ei family - however, it is not a unified organization, and suffers from infighting between various factions.

It has several divisions, including an intelligence division overseen by Taifei Liu. Groups that report to the Mafia include the Western Guard Corps, a group of escort guards who escort the Mafia executives, and below the Guard Corps are the Volunteer Police Force.

In the aftermath of the events of 2019, the Chinese Mafia make a deal with the Eastern District and gain control of The Pits. This control is more of a legal distinction rather than an enforced one, given the traditional (typical) lawlessness of the Pits and difficulty in maintaining them.

The Chinese Mafia is based in the Grand Ibis Hotel, a fifteen-story building that closed shortly before the Artificial Island was scheduled for opening.