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On a live broadcast of Sōsei Airwaves, Kelly Yatsufusa reads out loud a question from urban legend Spring-Heeled Joplin, one of the radio's listeners, which asks who would win if the Eastern District and Western District waged all-out war. Kelly, heavily biased, answers with "Sōji Kuzuhara of the Western District" but acknowledges that her listeners would counter her answer with the Eastern District's own Yakumo Amagiri.

Kelly enthuses over how "awesome" a hypothetical fight between Sōji and Yakumo would be, but warns that betting on either of them would be unwise since not even the island's Holmes rip-off siblings would be able to figure out who would win. She pauses, apologizes for the hyperbole, and cackles that the two "idiotic rip-offs" would not even be capable of deducing the outcome of Mike Tyson versus an elementary school.

Listening in on Kelly's broadcast are Sherlock and Charlotte Liverpool, the two Holmes rip-off siblings in question. Sherlock asks Charlotte if she thinks the disk jockey is referring to them, and Charlotte reminds him that he needs evidence to back up such a claim. Sherlock retorts that the broadcast is obviously about them, but Charlotte is more preoccupied with seriously attempting to analyze Kelly's hypothetical fight between Mike Tyson and an elementary school child.

Charlotte first observes that Tyson would be the normal favorite to win, but posits the possibility that the grade schooler might be an armed Shaolin-trained master. She then wonders what would happen if Tyson had a nuke button at the ready. Calling the conundrum 'challenging,' she exclaims that if she and Sherlock can deduce the winner they will thus prove they are not the idiot siblings from the broadcast.

Sherlock would like her to realize that she is already an idiot for taking the deduction seriously.

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  • Mike Tyson is a sex offender and a former professional boxer whose twenty-year boxing career came to an end in 2005, the same year Garuguru <Part 1> was published.

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