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Brother and Sister You Are Here West

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Guard Team

Kelly Yatsufusa returns to the question of who would win if the Eastern District and the Western District went all out in a fight against each other and brings up the East's Guard Team. She remarks that the boss of the Eastern District is a 'real rogue' who assembled a Guard Team full people people obsessed with their own interests, and rattles off a list of Guard Team members that listeners should keep out an eye for. All of them in Kelly's opinion are "missing a screw or ten," and she wonders if there is no hope for 'flowers' like Western District executives Yili and Lilei Ei in the East.

Reminded of Yili, Kelly opines that the Guard Team's captain Jun Sahara is as attractive as Yili. She says that while Jun may look like a "creepy shut-in," she's unstoppable with something long in her hands. Furthermore, Jun sleeps topless.

Jun, who is listening to Kelly's broadcast along with Carlos, Zhang, Gitarin, and the rest of the Guard Team, wonders how Kelly knew she sleeps topless. Zhang asks Gitarin if they should do something about the program, but Gitarin finds it entertaining instead of dangerous. When Kelly starts rattling off the Guard Team members' ages and hobbies, Zhang points out the breach of privacy and again asks Gitarin if they shouldn't stop the broadcast. Gitarin again refuses, and reveals that he is the one who gave Kelly the information in the first place. Mr. Gen pulls a 'Neck Hanging Tree' on Gitarin while Nazuna Yukimura prepares to cut him with her sword. Jun protests both actions.

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  • The 'Neck Hanging Tree' move that Mr. Gen uses on Gitarin is a reference to the special 'Neck Hanging Tree' move used by Bison Troopers in the arcade game Street Fighter: The Movie. The move consists of the attacker grabbing their opponent's neck, lifting them off the ground, and repeatedly wringing them.