Gitarin (ギータルリン Gītarurin), known by some as the 'Demonic Rogue', is the boss of the Eastern District and the Guard Team.

Appearance Edit

Gitarin is a man of ambiguous ethnicity. He has brown skin but "Japanese features," and something "caucasian about his eyes." His hair is light-colored (near white) and slicked back.

Personality Edit

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Gitarin is a larger-than-life individual who often acts in a overly friendly and joking manner toward the members of the Guard Team. At the same time, he is a calculating and dangerous man who has well-earned his sobriquet.

He has an accent that is difficult to place, and speaks with high levels of energy.

Chronology Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • His nationality and name are unknown to those he works with.
  • It is possible that he is directly related to or an adopted child of Laetitia Gitarin Aztanduja, a vampire from the light novel series Vamp!. Both of them share the name 'Gitarin' as well as certain personality traits, and Laetitia is known to have adopted multiple children around the globe.
  • Gitarin has a habit of frequently changing his name, every variation proving to be both absurd and absurdly long. The one commonality between them is that they all include the name Gitarin, which may suggest that Gitarin is his real name.
    • Known monikers include:
      • Sturgeon Lyrefit Nuzo Ferdonaldo Gitarin da Rakchart Sasha Murasame (Vol 2)
        • He claims that this name gave him nightmares, leading him to change it to...
      • Grandeur Ratzfend Zorba Gitarin Santamaria Masamune (Vol 2)
      • Char de Grandeur Ratzfend Zorba Gitarin Alfred Santamaria Redrum Masamune (Vol 2)
      • Mushanokōji Zanji Valand Ferro Gitarin ne zo Atsumori  (Vol 3)
      • Alan Gran Galan J. Gitarin Yamashiro Outerheaven Radiovoice (Vol 4)
      • Levert Lowe Sturbaiken Gitarin Chloroclad Kagenomiya the 666th (Vol 5)