Kelly Yatsufusa (ヤツフサ・ケリー Yatsufusa Kerī) is the second disk jocky and producer of Sōsei Airwaves.

As the DJ of Buruburu Airwaves, Kelly can control the 'flow' of the island by influencing the islanders' emotions and thoughts with what she airs on her program.

Appearance Edit

Kelly normally wears a tattered black-and-white striped button-up shirt over a blue bikini top (the shirt is always completely unbuttoned). She usually wears a red bandanna over her blonde hair.

She is well known for her trademark blue sunglasses.

Personality Edit

To be expanded.

Everything Kelly says or does is in essence an imitation of various personalities she has met over the years, and she can switch between said personalities on the drop of a hat.

Most of the time, Kelly speaks and acts like her old mentor Yatsufusa - a bombastic man who laughed loudly and spoke roughly, with a liberal use of profanity on the side. For interviews, she usually adopts a sensual and charismatic personality so unlike her normal deportment that most of the Artificial Island's residents assume an entirely different person is conducting the interviews.

Chronology Edit

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