Lilei Ei (嬰 麗蕾 Ei Lilei), born Lilei Horrocks, is a young executive of the Chinese Mafia. Though infamous for her lead pipe, she is equally deadly unarmed.

During her childhood, she was kept isolated and artificially blinded for several years. As a result of that experience, Lilei is very partial to sleep and is in a constant state of apparent drowsiness. Her sense of dreams and reality is skewed.

She loves to hug what she considers adorable. Her Japanese is rather broken, further lending to her childish air.

Appearance Edit

Lilei has short black hair adorned with two large white flowers, and like her sister Yili, has her mother's blue eyes. She wears a blue qipao with gold trim, white and red boots, and a long white coat with red trim.

She carries with her her favorite weapon: a long lead pipe, partially bent and rusted.


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