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The Words of Yakumo Amagiri, the Killer Ghoul

LN02 - The Rats

Yakumo apologetically introduces himself as the "Killer Ghoul," and as such thinks that he will kill the nameless individual who was investigating him. He says that it bothered him how the individual was "mousing around him," though he notes that he might have spared the individual were they like Nejiro.

The individual indicates that he has not heard of Nejiro, which Yakumo takes as an indication that the individual is new to the island. He explains that Nejiro is "king" over the island's rats, children whom are "everywhere" on the island. Yakumo clarifies that this is different from being able to "go anywhere," which he and Yua are capable of doing. Rather than being "able to go anywhere," the rats "are everywhere," spreading into every corner of the island to "nibble away" at both the people and the island itself. Yakumo finds them irritating, but not a danger to him.

Yakumo describes the rats' eyes as empty and mirror-like, reflecting Nejiro's eyes. Like the individual does not understand a Killer Ghoul like him, he does not understand the rats. However, since the rats look like rodents like him, he never has the urge to kill them since he is a killer, not a butcher.

He decides to share the legend behind the island's rats, and tells the individual to pray that he changes his mind about killing them while he talks. According to him, everything started when the casino opened up in the Eastern District.

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