The Eastern District’s Guard Team
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The Words of Spring-Heeled Joplin, the Observer

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Joplin welcomes a group of newcomers to the island, urging them to secure their safety now that they have arrived. He introduces himself as "Joplin the Observer," and says that as an Observer who has seen countless ways to survive on the island he thought he should give the newcomers some survival pointers.

First, Joplin suggests that the newcomers ask a local organization for protection. At the newcomers' skepticism that such an organization exists, Joplin procures a video that was hidden on the Eastern District boss' collar as proof.

In the video, a black suited man called Zhang chastises the boss for having made Jun Sahara (described as "girl with bangs") cry. Jun tries to assure Zhang that everything is fine, but Zhang asks the boss in anger how he could have written '肉' on Jun's "precious" wanted poster of Hayato Inui. The boss replies lightly that he was feeling "jealous," but points out that at least he did not write '骨'. Disgusted, Zhang asks the boss if he is a child.

Joplin cheerfully describes the video's contents as "cozy and domestic," and explains that the organization normally does bodyguard work for "bigwigs," but that they will protect ordinary people as long as the people are able to pay for services. Recognizing that the newcomers are still unconvinced, Joplin has a bit of a laugh at them before reminding the group that the island is 'off', and that trying to judge it by their own standards will get them nowhere. He accuses the newcomers of having assumed that the black suited man in the video was the leader as per their standards, and decides to tell them about the "guard cat" who lives on the island.

According to Joplin, everything began when the casino opened up in the Eastern District.

Trivia Edit

  • The '肉' and '骨' joke is a parody of the popular manga Kinnikuman, in which the main character has the character 肉 (meaning 'meat' but referring to muscle) on his forehead. Meanwhile, '骨' is the character for 'bone.'

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