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Rats You Are Here Prologue: The Future - Legends

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The Words of Takeshishi Kanjurō of the Ramen Shop

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Mr. Take asks a customer why they are snooping around his shop, but says that he does not actually care why the customer is snooping as long as they pay for their ramen. However, he will "talk to himself" in the meantime, which he says will be for the customer's benefit.

Mr. Take says that everyone on the island is human trash, including himself. As the 'trash' accumulated, it split into the Eastern and Western districts and caused a 'ruckus.' He adds that the island used to have the Northern and Southern Districts as well, but recent conflicts between organizations toppled them both.

The newcomer asks who leads the Eastern and Western Districts, a question for which Mr. Take rebukes him and further ridicules considering that Mr. Take has been talking to himself, not the newcomer. Continuing his 'monologue,' Mr. Take says that someone called 'Ei' leads the Western District, but that Ei's executives are the real power players. Among them is a woman called Yili, whom Mr. Take describes as the West's "head honcho." Yili, as described by Mr. Take, is not like Yakumo Amagiri in that she does not let her whims tell her what to do.

Meanwhile, Mr. Take says that the boss of the East acts like he knows exactly what everything is thinking, and is in Mr. Take's opinion "even worse" than Yili. He says that the boss would know what a cockroach or island on the island is thinking because he is rat-like himself. Mr. Take disparages the Eastern and Western bosses as "King and Queen Trash," and that since they meet more "trash" prerequisites than anyone else, are the most human people on the island.

Mr. Take decides to tell the newcomer "the whole thing" about the two "top idiots" who sold their souls to the island. According to him, it all started when the casino opened up in the Eastern District.

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