Nazuna Yukimura (雪村 ナズナ, Yukimura Nazuna) is a member of the Guard Team.

She manages a dojo/sports complex in the Eastern District. There, she practices with her katana and looks after six or so orphan girls – some of whom she was responsible for orphaning.

Appearance Edit

Nazuna has short black hair and a slender build. Her clothes are plain; her main outfit of choice consists of a pale green-blue polo shirt, blue shorts, and a pair of matching black gloves and shoes with gold lining.

Personality Edit

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Chronology Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • In Volume 3, Yakumo Amagiri compares Nakura to a female assassin who once wielded two katanas in the United States, whom he reasons must have been as "prim and proper" as he perceives Nazuna to be. The assassin he is thinking of is Baccano! character Maria Barcelito, who was neither prim nor proper.