Nejiro Kanata (子城彼方, Kanata Nejiro) is the leader of the Rats, a group of abandoned children who inhabit the Pits. He worked for and with Ginga Kanashima, first voluntarily and later involuntarily.

Appearance Edit

Nejiro is skinny and unhealthily pale, due to the lack of sunlight and a reliable food source in the Pits. He wears white trousers and a white hoodie with rodent ears on its hood, making his outfit rather eye-catching.

Personality Edit

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Nejiro despises the Artificial Island, believing it to be doomed and corruptive to good souls. For the first the seven years following his abandonment on the island, he keeps his emotions suppressed and teaches his fellow Rats to do the same, believing it necessary to show emotion in a 'fake world'. However, certain events that occur when he is fifteen that rekindle his own emotions and inspire him to try and do the same with the rest of his followers.

Chronology Edit

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