The Northern (北区画 Kita kukaku) and Southern (南区画 Minami kukaku) Districts were two districts that existed on the Artificial Island until Seiichi Kugi (an executive of the Chinese Mafia at the time) murdered both districts' executives in 2019.

Left without administrators, the two districts were taken over by the Eastern District after the dust had settled.

The Northern District Edit

The Northern District was known to be particularly hard to navigate; its labyrinthine reputation very likely the reason why so few normal people approached the area, and few people lived there. Thanks to the lack of people, the financial transactions that took place in other districts were 'non-existent' in the Northern District.

Before 2019, it was controlled by a company connected to a crime syndicate from Kansai. The company partook in all sorts of illegal activities on the island, including using it as a waypoint to import overseas drugs and weapons. As a result, the island inhabitants saw it as second only to The Pits in terms of danger. With so few people there, the Northern District was "essentially the criminal syndicate's backyard."

Aboveground, the Northern District was a little different from the others. It had orderly rows of several buildings, separated by two-lane streets.

The Southern District Edit

The Southern District received more sunlight than the rest of the island. It was also noteworthy in the sense that more of its population was made up of well-dressed, fashionable people, as this District had the most "tourists" (visitors from the mainland). It used to be the most peaceful part of the island, with the least amount of incidents ending in murder. It is described as a district where entertainment is easy to find. This is not to say that the District was completely safe, though - unsuspecting tourists were still at risk of being mugged, especially if one took a boat from Niigata City to the island.

Before 2019 it was controlled by a man called Kashimura, who was originally a member of the Western District until he left the mafia and formed his own group in the South. In the years during which Seiichi Kugi served as an executive of the Eastern District, Seiichi and Kashimura engaged in multiple disputes over the turf. The situation between the two Districts gradually worsened from there.

The Southern District connects to Niigata City.