Sōsei Airwaves is the sole pirate radio broadcast on the Artificial Island. It was founded by Yatsufusa, and inherited by Kelly Yatsufusa, its current DJ and and producer.

It is colloquially referred to as Buruburu Airwaves or (more rarely) Buu Airwaves by the island residents. Buruburu and Buu derive from the the word 'blue.'

The station is broadcasted via the hijacked PA system, which was originally intended for public announcements. It is forcibly broadcast, whether the locals like it or not -- although, most locals nowadays consider it part of the typical island noise.

Kelly reports on whatever interests her - weather (dubiously), various events on the island, and so on - and she also plays recorded material, including music and drama CDs on the air.

One of the named segments on the show is the ‘Twelve o’clock Huzzah’ - a daily talk show segment that invites a guest to share a recipe with its listeners.

Every Saturday evening, she hosts one of her mainstay segment called 'Buruburu Airwaves on the Street.' During the segment, she interviews a person from the island who has recently attracted the attention of the public.

The radio station has countless connections at its disposal. For instance, Gitarin (the most powerful man in the Eastern District) has personally graced the show over a dozen times.

In 2021, Kelly branches the program out into video format; with the help of Sōji Kuzuhara, she installs a communal TV screen by the fountain.

The program operates out of Kelly's signature blue van.