Sherlock Liverpool (シャーロック・リバプール, Shārokku Ribapūru) is a half-American, half-British young man who supports his sister Charlotte Liverpool by doing part-time work and leaking information to both the Western and Eastern districts, during which time he is contacted by Spring-Heeled Joplin. He subsequently becomes a Joplin himself.

Eventually Ginga Kanashima makes contact with him and demands that Sherlock cooperate with him if he does not want Charlotte hurt. Sherlock offers him a deal: he will allow Ginga to use his own face if Ginga promises to destroy the island. Ginga agrees, and the two soon switch places.

Sherlock retreats to a small hiding space during this time, where he resolves to stay put for the rest of his life.. His reclusive plans are thwarted when Charlotte discovers him, and he later announces to Spring-Heeled Joplin his intention of distancing himself from Spring-Heeled Joplin.

He is a highly sardonic person, and cares only for Charlotte.

Appearance Edit

Sherlock is a tall young man who wears black-rimmed glasses and mostly black clothes. His hair has faint highlights, and there is a visible tattoo on his neck that seems to resemble an eye. He normally displays very little emotion on his face.


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