I left a wife and two kids behind out there. So I don't plan to be anyone's shadow at this point. ...Guess you could say I even lost my own shadow in the dark of the island.

–Mr. Take, Garuguru! - Dancing Beast Night (Part 2)

Takeshishi "Mr. Take" Kanjurō (竹獅子勘十郎 Kanjurō Takeshishi) is the owner of a ramen shop that doubles as a general convenience store in the Eastern District.

The shop is frequented by Hayato Inui and members of the Guard Team, the latter of whom often try to avoid paying their bill. His restaurant is located under Jun Sahara’s apartment and she is one of few customers Mr. Take shows patience toward. He comes across as generally frustrated, especially toward Hayato (whom he tolerates sparingly).  

Little is known about Mr. Take’s past, but it is implied that since he's an old-timer on the island, his history is likely to be dangerous. He is mentioned in passing as someone to be wary around, ‘for some reason’. Though we never see him in action, it is believably possible he could carry out his threats to Hayato.

Appearance Edit

Mr. Take is bald and elderly.  

Personality Edit

Mr. Take is constantly frustrated with the island and its inhabitants, especially Hayato. He views everyone on the island as ‘trash’, including himself, and calls out Gitarin and Yili Ei as ‘King and Queen Trash’. He immediately identifies Hayato as trouble, which admittedly is not difficult; however, his observations about those on the island make it clear he is a perceptive individual. He seems to have some amount of caution, tolerating Hayato's presence because he can tell who he ought not to make an enemy out of.

He is very focused on his business which is why he has little time for the Guard Team or Hayato, who frequently cause chaos in and around his restaurant, and fail to pay their bills. He also exhibits something of a protective side toward Jun when she encounters Hayato in his restaurant - culminating in him throwing out Hayato after he tries repeatedly to strike up a conversation with her.

He does not like the authorities in the Western District.

Chronology Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The general store makes more money than the ramen shop, despite the ramen being 'delicious.'
  • Mr. Take's store is located in what was originally intended to be an underground shopping mall. Jun Sahara's apartment is right above his shop.
  • He is among those considered in a debate on who is the strongest resident of the island.
  • There are only two seats in the ramen shop, and both are at the counter. The wall-mounted TV has been forcibly driven into the wall. Under the wall hangs a sign that reads 'do not down chili oil.'
  • The most expensive item on his restaurant menu is "Etsusa Naval Warfare."