The Western District (西区画 Nishi kukaku) is one of the four districts of the Artificial Island. After Seiichi Kugi murders the executives of both the Northern and Southern Districts in 2019, the Western District remains one of two surviving districts (along with the Eastern District). The two districts strike a deal: the Eastern District will administrate the former Northern and Southern Districts while the Western District will take control of The Pits.

The Western District is controlled by the Chinese Mafia, and patrolled by the Volunteer Police Force (led by Sōji Kuzuhara). 

The Western District is accessible via Sadogashima (Sado Island).

According to Seiichi, the Western District has only one rule: "Do not defy us." 

Notable locationsEdit

  • The fifteen-story Grand Ibis Hotel which currently houses the Chinese Mafia
  • An underground shopping mall, home to both residential and commercial establishments
    • The Iizuka's family restaurant (located in the mall area)
  • Private Eye Lizard (located in a room of an aboveground hotel) 

Notable Residents Edit