Yua Kirino (霧野 夕海 Kirino Yua) is a waitress and budding cartographer in the process of mapping the Artificial Island.

Appearance Edit

Yua has short black hair and tanned skin on account of her constant excursions to the top level of the Island, making her stand out amongst her paler-skinned adoptive siblings. She usually wears a short blue-and-white dress, a darker blue-and-black scarf, and black shoes. When working as a waitress, she wears a dark blue apron.

She is almost always seen carrying her father's red PDA, which she typically keeps slung around her neck.

Personality Edit

Yua is a highly friendly, outgoing and inquisitive girl, possessing an unquenchable curiosity streak and thirst for exploration instilled in her by her father. Her bravery and enthusiasm occasionally lead her into dangerous situations, but she is determined to carry on her father's work despite the risks.

Against her better judgment, she views Sōji Kuzuhara as a father figure.


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She was born sometime around 2007. Following the murder of her parents, Yua was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Iizuka, and began living at Mrs. Iizuka's restaurant along with the woman's six children.

One Friday evenin in 2019, Yua is crawling in a vent when she accidentally witnesses a brutal gunfight through the vent grill. The murderer spots her, and she runs away, terrified. In her flight she ends up in The Pits and is accosted by a drug-addled man, only to be rescued by Hayato Inui.

Hayato takes her to Kelly Yatsufusa's van, where he makes Kelly conduct and broadcast an interview with him. Hayato soon flees, and Sōji Kuzuhara arrives to find Kelly and Yua unharmed. As Kelly floors the pedal and the van takes off, Yua informs Sōji of what she witnessed and that she'd seen the murderer himself talking with Sōji before. Sōji sends her away from the van to keep her safe.

In 2020, Yua meets Nejiro Kanata, and witnesses the showdown between the Guard Team and the Chinese Mafia by the massive engine in the heart of the island.

After the dust has settled, she and Sōji are seen greeting a newcomer to the island.