Greatest Zhang (グレイテスト張 Gureitesuto Zhang) is an underground champion pro-wrestler and a member of the Guard Team.


Zhang is a tall, sturdy man with short black hair. He wears a red shirt under a black suit.


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Zhang is a brash, typically humorless man who treats his own boss Gitarin in an abrasive, casual manner and often uses violence to make a point. His lack of humor and perceived 'self-righteousness' clashes with Carlos' extroverted, devil-may-care attitude, and the two bicker constantly as a result. Though he is not above shouting at Jun Sahara over the phone (and swearing at her in the same manner as he does Gitarin), he respects her as a leader far more than he does Gitarin and cares for her emotional well-being.


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  • Hayato Inui believes that Zhang is level with Sōji Kuzuhara when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, and suspects that Zhang might be even stronger than Sōji when it comes to pro-wrestling. However, he notes that fighting in the ring is different from fighting outside it.